Silver Rays
Handmade paper, cardboard packaging 2019
Coral Floral
Handmade paper, cardboard packaging 2019
Deep Purple
Handmade paper, cardboard packaging 2019
Handmade paper, recycled packaging 2019
Lazy Daisy
Lokta paper, cardboard packaging 2019
Fendi Forest
Mesh handmade paper, cardboard packaging, 2019
Sakura 2
Wallpaper sample, origami paper, cardboard, 2019
Pink Hearts
Wrapping paper scraps, handmade paper, cardboard, 2019
Move over, Manolo
Scraps of handmade paper, cosmetic packaging, 2019
Faux Spring
Handmade paper, tissue paper and cardboard packaging, 2019
Spring Sling
Wallpaper Samples, cardboard packaging, 2019
Lemon Sorbet
Wrapping paper, lokta, cardboard packaging, 2019
Don't Mess With Me
Marbleized paper, handmade and lokta paper, 2019
Washi Blue
Origami paper, handmade paper scraps, size 5
Handmade and wrapping paper, cardboard packaging 2019
Japanese washi, lokta, cardboard, 2019
Washi and marbleized with metallic paper, Size 8
Gogo Dots (featured in Vogue Italia, March 2019)
Scraps of handmade and banana leaf paper, 2019
Footwear insert packaging, chiyogami and folded handmade paper, Size 8
Green and Paisley
Handmade and wrapping paper, cardboard, 2019
Snow Leopard
Scraps of wallpaper samples and handmade lokta paper, Size 8
Nepalese handmade paper and discarded music book page, Size 8